Team Elements Learning Lab

Team Elements Learning Lab

Team Elements Learning Lab

  • Start date: Within a week from purchase
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Time Commitment: 1 hour / week + 3 team meetings (two 60 minutes, one 90 minutes)
  • Format: A group-paced team experience with 6 phases
  • Included: In each of the phases you will be supplied with articles, videos, meeting agendas, and tools that will give you and your team the platform, ability, and skills to have the conversations that matter most.  You will have a full 12 months access to the content and tools within the Learning Lab enabling you and your team to continue your development by repeating the cycle using the Voting App and structured meeting agendas for any of the elements in the Team Elements Model at your own pace.
  • Extras: 12 months access to the Everwise learning platform

Why focus on teams?

The research is clear: Team-based work has increased by 50% over the last two decades1, but the effectiveness of team based work has not. Our research indicates that even though people are often on multiple teams, they rate only 20% of those teams as effective and report feeling dismally under-supported in efforts to make teams operate better.  

The Team Elements™ Learning Path is here to change that. This process optimizes for inclusion of diverse perspectives that bring out the deepest insights and ownership for the team on its journey toward improvement. Together we foster fast-cycle, high-impact improvement based on a team’s own insights and wisdom.

The new Team Elements Learning Path is a proven way forward to help your team focus on exactly what’s needed to create the necessary change to optimize your team’s impact. This 6-week, globally-accessible process is simple, engaging, and creates real-time team learning in which the leader and team grow together into greater effectiveness.

1 Google’s Project Aristotle