Building Emotional Intelligence* (6-week course)

Building Emotional Intelligence* (6-week course)

Building Emotional Intelligence* (6-week course)


*Building Emotional Intelligence is a prerequisite for the Leading with Emotional Intelligence Course

On your own schedule, gain practical knowledge and apply Emotional Intelligence skills which are prerequisites to respond skillfully to your own and others' emotions. Increase your threshold for complexity and be more flexible in the face of uncertainty. Operationalize Emotional Intelligence to increase your tolerance for ambiguity and respond more effectively when you encounter setbacks or challenges.

Series start date options: New start dates every Monday. A new skill is introduced each week for 6 consecutive weeks. Cohort interaction stimulates learning and engagement

Time commitment: Approximately 20 min/day

Format: Non-facilitated, self-paced private group with adult learners

Included: Goleman EI skill-building, micro-techniques, and group chat.

Extras: 12 months access to Everwise learning platform beginning on the purchase date

Course Schedule: 

1. Self-Awareness

2. Focus

3. Emotional Balance

4. Empathy

5. Adaptability

6. Positive Outlook