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About LifeLabs

We were wondering: what if there were a school for adults, but instead of algebra and spelling lessons, you could join courses on the real stuff of life – laboratories for great ideas, practice sessions on the art and science of people skills, a gym for leadership abilities? What if you could transform your workplace into a dojo for developing life’s most useful skills – the ones that transform your biggest challenges into your greatest opportunities? Eventually, we stopped wondering and created the lab format to bring our vision to life.

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The most collaborative, experiential, scalable learning experience platform

  • Unlock peer learning

    We emphasize shared and experiential learning. Because people can learn from each other and curiosity’s contagious.

  • Supercharge your facilitators

    Facilitated learning paths are up to 6x more engaging. So we’ve built industry-leading facilitation tools.

  • Provide perfect structure

    The right amount of structure is essential to effective L&D programs. Our platform balances structure with flexibility.

  • Start and scale easily

    Our powerful tools for L&D and HR make it easy to launch, measure, and improve programs of all sizes, globally.