Becoming an Anti-Racist Leader: Strategies and Action Steps for a More Inclusive Workplace

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"Breeze is a leading voice in the anti-racism movement. She has shown real Radical Candor when pointing out to me when my writing or my actions reflect or reinforce the racism that is so prevalent in our society. She pushes through my denial with real love, never backing off her willingness to challenge me to do better. I am deeply grateful for the experience I've had working with her." -Kim Scott, New York Times bestselling author

About Facilitators

Dr. A. Breeze Harper is a leading expert on diversity, equity, and inclusion having spent 15 years as a speaker and author focusing on anti-racism. Dr. Harper is a guest expert on an anti-racism podcast collaboration with Radical Candor author Kim Scott, and her most recent book, Scars, looks at how anti-racism and white allyship operate in multi-racial relationships. Breeze has a Ph.D. in the social sciences from U.C. Davis, an M.A. from Harvard, and a B.A. from Dartmouth.

Dr. Keegan Walden is Torch’s Co-Founder and COO. He has an extensive background in leadership development and in the measurement of leadership growth over time. He is also a biracial man with one Black parent and one White parent, and will share his own journey in grappling with his racial identity as it relates to an anti-racist way of life. Keegan has a Ph.D. and an M.S. in psychology from Northwestern, and a B.A. from Yale.

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